Ceramic Fiber Heater

Ceramic Fiber Heater



As an ideal solution for many heating application in industry and lab, and a lightweight alternative to conventional dense refractory supported heater, ceramic fiber Heaters, combining heating element with superior high temperature insulation also as its support, can deliver quick, efficient and reliable uniform heat to our users.

    Ceramic fiber heaters consist of high quality alloy resistance wire elements embedded in a rigid body of vacuum formed high  temperature refractory fiber. The lightweight ceramic fiber insulation gives the heaters a very low thermal mass and thermal conductivity and makes them to be operated extremely rapid cycling. According to shapes, our products can be classified as three items: (1) Panel heater; (2) Cylinder heater(or semi-cylinder); (3) Custom shaped heater. Also, the resistance alloy wire element in the heaters can be exposed, or non-exposed, based on user's requirement. The heaters can be assembled into complicated figures to meet different needs. 

Features of ceramic fiber heater:

    (1) Operating Temperature: 1300(C) (Max), depending on species of resistance alloy wires.

    (2) Watt Density: 0.6 ~ 4.6 W/cm2, depending on different service temperatures.

    (3) The heater's density: 160 Kg/m3 (lowest), which allows the heater to heat up and cool down more quickly.

Application field of the heaters:

(1) Various high temperature furnaces

(2) Metal melting, holding and transfer

(3) Glass, ceramic and wire processing

(4) Diffusion furnaces for semiconductor

(5) Aluminum crucible furnace

(6) Processing furnaces in CVD

(7) Semi-conductor wafer processing

(8) Crystal growth and zone refining

(9) Lad and R&D

(10) Fluidized beds

(11) Analytical Instrumentation

(12) Other high temperature application


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