Quartz Emitter Heater

Quartz Emitter Heater


Detailed Product Description

It is that the only alternative far infrared radiation without coating heats the component that the series transparent and milky white quartz electricity of sh heats the component, with other to heat component compare, spectrum it matches to be fine to absorb characteristic and long run radiation does not retreat and become by performance by radiation, high conversion efficiency electric heat, it intensifies fast, hot little inertias able to bear the high temperature, able to bear corroding, hot chemical property stability is good, have long performance life, dielectric strength is high, pollution-free, compare with the situation that other electricity heat the component but 30% energy-conservation about. The range of application paint dry, tobacco trade, textile industry, plastic trade, print trade, agriculture, grain trade, trades, such as pharmacy trade, rubber trade, bone glue trade, papermaking, carton trade, timber, wooden furniture manufacturing, pottery and enamel, etc. And require not thering is not environment dyed, including the acid and alkali waits for corrosivity to heat the occasion.

Main technical parameter.

1. Specified voltage:380v,220v,110v,55v.

2. The length of the component:122*62mm,248*62mm,122*120mm,248*120mm;(the user orders by oneself).

3. The external diameter of the component: D8-580mm(the user order by oneself).

4. The power is matched:100 - 18 kw/prop up( book by oneself at users).

5. Hot response speed:3-5 point.

6. Minutes. Surface temperature: The low 380-460centigrade temperature, the middle 500-580centigrade temperature; can improve to 700 - 1100centigrade temperature according to user's request, or reduce to 100 - 300centigrade temperature.

7. Spectrum range:2.5-6um.

8. Launch coefficient in spectrum:0.92( in wavelengths4-8um ; 11-25um).

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