Silicone Carbine Paper

Silicone Carbine Paper


General Description
The Alpha Rod Heating element is a resistance type silicon carbide heating element. The elements are rod shaped or tubular depending on the diameter. They have a central heating section referred to as a hot zone and two terminal sections called cold ends. The cold ends are impregnated with silicon metal to lower their resistance. This. Causes them to, operate at a lower temperature. The extremities of the elements are metailized with aluminum to provide a low resistance contact surface to which the electrical connections are made with braided aluminum straps.
Elements are described by giving the overall length, the heating section length, and the diameter. As an example, 43 x 24 x 1 is an element 43" overall with a 24" hot zone, and 1" in diameter.

Superior Performance
K V M Rod Heating element will give you superior performance due to their high density approximately 2.4 gms/cc. This gives the element very slow aging characteristics and additional strength.

Interchangeability With Brand "X"
K V M Rod Heating element are interchangeable with all standard silicon carbide elements. They are offered in equivalent sizes and have almost the same resistance values. Before attempting to substitute the tubular or solid elements for spiral type elements, please contact us.

Sizes Available
The elements can be manufactured in any length up to 127 inches. The maximum hot zone length is 96 inches at this printing. The following diameters are standard - 3/8, 7/16y 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1 inch and 30mm , 35mm

Operating Temperatures
The K V M Rod Heating element can be operated at furnace control temperatures up to 3100 F in an air atmosphere or inert atmospheres of argon or helium . In reducing atmospheres the maximum operating-temperature is 2500 F .There is a protective coating of silicon dioxide on the silicon carbide. The hydrogen reduces this, coating and causes the element to deteriorate. Very dry or very wet hydrogen are both detrimental to long element life.

Electrical Characteristics
The Alpha Rod Heating element is a linear type resistance heater that converts electrical energy to heat energy (Joule's Law W = 12R). W = power in watts, I = current in amperes, R= resistance in ohms.

The heating elements are often referred to as self-bonded, for the lattice structure or bonds that hold the elements together are formed by re crystallizing the silicon carbide at very high temperatures. The elementsare manufactured of green silicon carbide. which is classed as an excess electron type semiconductor.

The resistance of a silicon carbide element is difficult to measure at room temperature due to minor impurities, self-heating, and contact resistance. Also the green silicon carbide has a negative resistance temperature characteristic from, room temperature to approximately 12000F. It turns positive at this point and remains so throughout its normal operating temperature range. A typical resistance temperature characteristic curve of a silicon carbide heating element is shown below.


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Silicone Carbine Paper

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